Residential & Commercial automation solutions



90% of  SmarterHomeConcierge's business is driven by referrals.  We don't sell services - our services sell themselves.  

Many of our clients have been with us for years and  have taken us from home to home.  They love what we do and want us to carry through to their new properties.  Some clients even have multiple properties in multiple states - our automation makes it easy to manage all properties with a single view.    



Steve Howell - Owner and President


Steve Howell has worked in the audio and visual sector since 1985.  Working for many Denver area audio companies, Steve has run Car Audio Divisions,  Builder Division, has served as an Audio Rep, and sold and serviced home and office AV systems.  

When home automation became an emerging industry, Steve quickly become versed in the best of the best home automation software, and is capable of integrating even the most unusual items into a smart home system, such as Karaoke machines, hot tubs and spas, second home management, camera systems in airplane hangars, custom and automated cabinetry, Motorhomes and more.   Steve loves to understand the family or business need and designs systems that even an elderly mother-in-law can run.  No really, he's done it!

Steve is an independent business owner, and runs SmarterHome Concierge with his wife Jennifer and a seasoned team of highly-skilled subcontractors who have worked with Steve for years, and have centuries of experience in AV, security and home automation.    


For Life

The term "SMART HOME" means different things to different people.  SmarterHomeConcierge IS smarter, replacing cookie cutter options for tailored home automation with you in mind.  Essentially anything in your home that you want to be "automatic" can be managed by technology.  

Did you know home automation can actually save you money?   Imagine the ultimate control of your heating and air conditioning units, down to the minute, the ability to manage timing of lights to optimize electrical use, and manage shades to keep out sun during peak heat hours.  These are just a few ways how we can make your home more comfortable AND efficient. 



SmarterHomeConcierge delivers home automation services to meet each client's unique needs - Some want full service, managing all aspects of their home, while others simply want to control one or two items via automation.  

Our client projects vary from the very large, complex, powerful systems that allow ultimate control of items at the room level, while others only want one or two zones in the house.    When you hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home. It's the ultimate in affordable customization.  

We apply the most innovative and cutting edge technology to ensure even the                                                       most current innovations are applied to your design